Sunday, 21 September 2014


Congratulations to Stephen Bassett who's been awarded a Gold medal in a salon (1st DPW ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2014) for 'Ella's Eyes':

I have to say I don't think my eyes have received a medal before, so that's nice. :-)

I also like the one below. Both were taken at Catchlight Studios in Belfast.

In other 'things I've been tagged in on facebook' news, the incredible photographer Neil Snape, who I worked with in Paris plucked this image out of the ether and wrote the following very very touching note:

'Funny Ella Rose Muse said when shooting, she didn't think she'd fit into my style of shooting. In the way that must be because I had only one chance to shoot with you , the most romantic painterly Raphealesque model one could ever find.... I think I'll have to remove this one quickly even though it shows nothing but beauty, unfortunately.'

... It's true, I do remember saying I was surprised (and flattered) that he was so enthusiastic to shoot with me, despite being more usually working with supermodels and fashion advertising. It was a pleasant surprise that someone whose commercial clients include 'Helena Rubenstein, Sonia Rykiel, YSL Beauté, Lanvin, Cartier, Lalique, Leonard, L’Oreal, and LMVH' was so keen to work with my look and genuinely appreciative of it.

Actually, I think I'm due a visit to both Paris and Belfast again soon. Hhmm.

I hope you're all as embarrassingly excited as I am about Downton Abbey's new series starting this evening... Keep your eyes out for an appearance from me in a couple of scenes (though I have no idea which episode I'll be in!).

P.S. Have you been following me on instagram? I'm posting behind the scenes and other such nonsense on there... and I promise it's not ALL about my dog, despite the fact that she looks like this:

(Sometimes it's also about my cat.)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Happy Wednesday everyone. A fine day.

Despite technically having a little stretch of days off between modelling trips - I've been a busy (tres Oxfordian & cultural) bee with my new book group, poetry workshop, volunteering, piano lessons (and I've been asked to play at my brother's wedding later this year, which is both amazing and terrifying!). I'll be baking the unbelievably-delicious-n-nutritious 'glo bars' again today in time for a couple of friends visiting tomorrow (I REALLY recommend the book as well as the food blog: I've also booked my flights for Vienna for next month, which is exciting - along with Venice that will be two new cities I've not seen before in just one month. I blimmin' LOVE living in Europe - all this amazing beauty and culture and history right on our doorstep, all with so much variety and diversity within one continent.

Here are some shots from Thomas Bichler, who was a pleasure to work with in the south of Germany recently.

He wrote about the shoot over on his website here. :-)

It was such a lovely trip in general, with lots of hiking around to get to the perfect spots; this shoot required a really beautiful walk down to the lake, after amazing views from the top. Plus a few other locations.... Very much looking forward to working with Thomas again in future.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Leonides the Lion Head

I was waffling on about how I would one day love to shoot with a lion (as is often the case, other waffle-themes sometimes involving tigers, llamas, lambs, peacocks and sometimes unicorns; and lack of animal-cruelty allowing) and David came up with this spot, half way down the Australian coast... Well, we work with what we've got... :-)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pedal boats & Bikinis


I'm back from a gorgeous 'sunshine shoot' in Portugal - lots of images to show soon, I hope, and in the meantime, the results of some more local (south coast of England) beach frolics, courtesy of a last minute road trip with the excellent Gary Sandy, and the fine Great British weather. Gary's so much fun to work with - I'm sure I'll be shooting with him a third time at some point.

These were great additions to my 'Bright' gallery on my new website.

Monday, 25 August 2014

She wore blue...

(... earrings, not that you'd know it from today's particular images.)


Have you noticed this blog's brand new look? All style decisions on here are transitory, of course (there are endless colour options I could play with), but I like it for now. It's all to bring things more in line with my...


I'm proud to say I did it all by myself (on my 'days off'...). It was quite fun, actually, and the main reason I decided my website needed an overhaul is that I found it very difficult (and very very slow) to update with new images and info, which led to me not really keeping it particularly up to date. Well, that problem is no more, and I can now even update my website from all over the world, so long as I have the images with me on whatever gadget I have at the time (this is particularly good for when photographers/artists send me their results from our work via email). It's also a lot easier to navigate on mobile devices.

Hope you like it! Expect lots of frequent additions there as well as my usual blog posts here.


In other news, I'm still keeping ridiculously busy. Today has been a blissful vegging-out kind of day, gorging on the book by this fluency-expert. You'll have a vague idea of what I get up to on and between shoots if you're a friend of mine on facebook...

And here are some stylish monochrome images from a lovely little shoot with Luc Bollen in Brussels. It was a pleasure to shoot with him and I certainly hope to do so again (perhaps next year). The dress in the second set, incidentally, is the one I wore a couple of nights ago to the formal dinner at an international corsetry conference I modelled at. The after-dinner speaker was a favourite designer of Dita Von Teese! Expect some corset-themed images coming this way soon-ish, as I had the incredible experience of modelling for 8 different designers who'd been working on their custom designs for me since February!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Wheat, White & Apples

Hope you're all well! I've been sooooo busy recently I'm  having a really slowed-down weekend, which is brilliant! Previous days off have included working hard on a brand new website... and working days have involved trips to the beach... it's all been a bit upside down! I'm very excited to be the new face of The Wool Company, and am busy looking up flights and options for my trips in October to some places I haven't been before! :-) Also looking forward to Downton Abbey being on our screen again this autumn - I'll be in one episode! I've been doing quite a few filming days recently on various things - it's all got to be secret and hush-hush, unfortunately, but let's just say that next year (and the year after) I think I'll be going to the cinema a LOT to see some of the films being released! :-)

In the meantime, some images from Karen Jones, from out and about!

I'll announce the new site when it's done... And I'll keep blogging as always in the meantime!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Life from Ash

I had a really good shoot in the Netherlands recently with photographer Martin. He wanted to add some more classical nudes to his portfolio, and I think we achieved that. The location was a beautiful natural park area, which had suffered some devastation (fire) out of which new green shoots were popping up all over the place. The colours were so vibrant that we couldn't resist using the blacks, lime greens and orange shades as an unusual background against which to pitch a pale nude body...

We also did these dreamy nudes, which are a bit tinsy bit Cadbury's Flake-esque, I think. :-)

I'll post some different sets from this shoot soon! :-)